Getting Started

ESP Pro Platform Training

To access the training, you must first be a licensed ETBC.Online Consortium member. As a member, you have four options available for training and they are not mutually exclusive. These options are as follows:

  1. As a registered consortium member, you are eligible to receive the platform video training program FREE of charge. To access this training, you must navigate to where you can register on our training platform and then sign up for the free training program.
  2. As a registered consortium member, you are eligible to receive both instructor-led and video training for a discounted fee of $1000.00. This is a twelve-week program that includes weekly video conference training plus access to the video training platform. This program also includes 3 group masterminds.
  3. A third option is simply a 3-pay option for the instructor-led training, item 2 above, at a rate of $399/mo for three months.
  4. Finally, we offer a premium training program which is held once a quarter in Tyson's Corner, VA, and it includes the following premium benefits:
    1. A 3-day, 2-nights instructor-led live training event in Tyson's Corner, VA. This is an intense training experience that will reinforce the video training program (a pre-requisite).
    2. The development of a marketing plan for your individual business.
    3. A copy of the white label license which includes your first month free.
    4. One free snapshot pre-loaded and configured for the niche of your choice.
    5. The program cost is $2999.00 if payment is received 30-days in advance of the program.
    6. The program cost is $3499.00 if payment is received 15-days in advance of the program.
    7. The program cost is 3999.00 if payment is made on the day of the event. No one will be allowed in that hasn't paid for the event.